080806 Daily Links (August 06, 2008)

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  • Thought For The Day: The US has 8 cities with population over 1 Million. China has 108.
  • Venture
  • The Future of jobster.com Pay attention to Jason Buss. (Here’s another gem)
  • 7 Essential Guidelines For Functional Design "Unless your specialty is creating concepts that have no possibility of being made into actual products, the ultimate goal is to design things that will be used. Think about how and why your product will be used, and by whom, as a central part of the design process to assure that your designs not only can be used, but will."
  • Assessment and Job Boards: Two Years Later Another screed proclaiming the imminent demise of big job boards. The idea that small job boards with integrated assessment tools are the future is flawed. The problem is that accurate assessment is very expensive, the costs are front loaded and the results are speculative. Assessment is not a good candidate for global automation.
  • Hank Stringer – Recruiter, Entrepreneur, Innovator Bill Vick gets Hank to say "I’m the Forrest Gump of this industry."
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