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Thought For The Day: “Invent your future. Take the long view.”

  • Work On Stuff That Matters Tim O’Reilly keynote…45 minutes of video.
    1. Work on something that matters more than money to you
      – Know what you want to accomplish
    2. Create more value than you capture
      – Not how to capture more for yourself, how to add value
  • 5 Things to do When You’re Unemployed (Hint: It’s not job hunting)
    From Penelope Trunk, good advice on using the time you’ve been given: 

    1. Create a job for yourself.
    2. Focus on ambition and execution and not so much on work per se.
    3. Start a blog about the industry you want to go into.
    4. Start a company.
    5. Practice talking about yourself with everyone.
  • There’s always time to launch your dream
    No excuses. Even fewer when you have unexpected time off.
  • A kick in the BUTT is exactly what my CAREER Needed
    This is the opening salvo in her career search chronicle. Stay tuned “You wonder if you should follow a dream or become even more practical. Following dreams actually is practical. So the question is what do you dream about and who do you envision yourself being in these extremely unusual times? It’s important to place yourself within the context of the world changes occurring. If you place your dreams within the context of serving humanity your dreams will come true
  • Scoring your digital persona.
    Practical advice for the mosaic of information that is your digital resume.

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