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Thought For The Day: “While the need for talent is the same all over the world, different locations are currently facing very different challenges.”

  • 5 Steps to model successful Twitter users
    Find role models, look at their quantitative performance, emulate them, measure yourself.
  • Twitter Friends
    Quantitative measures of your Twitter performance. Nice model for good business analytics. Still have questions, read this article.
  • Blellow
    Part Twitter, part job board, part conversation part, freelance job postings
  • 10 Tenets for The New HR
    It’s more like 10 Reasons we’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more. Not terribly strategic. But. You’ve got to love “6. Business is gonna want a seat at our table. The time of putting HR at the kid’s table is over. You said, “Our business is about our people.” Now, with way fewer of them, it’s going to be true. Like scary true. Take a number.
  • Building an innovation nation
    Includes a great visualization of the distribution of innovation around the world. “While the need for talent is the same all over the world, different locations are currently facing very different challenges. Japan and Western Europe must overcome a severe demographic challenge—their fast-aging populations and growing number of retirees need to be replaced or their labor efficiency further enhanced. North America is struggling with the challenge of replacing a large number of highly specialized immigrants who are now choosing to stay or return home. Emerging Asian economies, while able to draw from a very large demographic pool, need to train a larger proportion of their population to reach world-class levels. They also must increase the attractiveness of their hubs to better compete for top global talent. While simply meeting basic infrastructure needs is sufficient to sustain initial growth, a region must establish itself as an attractive destination for global talent in order to establish itself as an innovation hub.

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