Thought For The Day: “Could we still be in denial of the reality that greed and irresponsibility were not an exclusive Wall Street franchise during our national bender” Frank Rich NYT

  • Orca Eyes
    Dan Hilbert has assembled a workforce analytics package beyond the imagination of most in the industry. The package ties all of the disparate reporting systems into a single set of actionalble analytics. Expect to hear more from OrcaEyes.
  • Workforce Planning Fatal Flaws
    Long range workforce planning is a new and rapidly evolving discipline. It fails when it isn’t tightly coupled with the rest of the strategic planning process; when line managers are not actively engaged and when the team has inadequate skill in data analysis.
  • Mercer’s Workforce Analytics
    The giant HR Consultancies have a hard time wrapping their minds around the concept of actionable planning. A look at Mercer’s offering gives you a sense of what the minimum baseline ought to be.This video gives you a good sense  of the core approach.
  • APQC Workforce Analytics Benchmarking Study
  • Here Comes The Train and Five Things HR Can Do
    Our initial reactions to the CFO article “Memo to CFOs: Don’t Trust HR“. The article underlined the need for workforce analytics and businesslike behavior in HR. It described a talk given by Richard Beatty from Rutgers University. The money quote “while “the language of organizations is numbers, HR isn’t very good at data analytics,” Beatty said. “They don’t think like business people. Many of them entered human resources because they wanted to help people, which I’m all for, but I’m also for building winning organizations.
    A number of people and organizations responded. Many of the respondents agreed with Beatty but toned their agreement down so as not to offend their brethren in HR. 

    • Is it Really a Matter of Trust?
      The folks at Infohrm try to walk the line between agreeing with Beatty and upsetting their customers. The followup, “Can You Afford to Ignore HR Analytics?” gets to the meat of the question.
    • Hating HR – Do I Really Need to Get Worked Up About What a Professor Thinks?
      Kris Dunn weighs in. His advice? “Let’s stop wringing our hands and start acting like we belong. Please. Every time you comment on a story like this one, you guarantee five similar studies/articles will come along in the next year. o be different – don’t whine, don’t lash out. Put your energy into cramming the stereotype down the world’s throat by being a different type of HR pro. Be better than you were last month. Add a value- added project that someone in your organization didn’t expect. Rinse, repeat.” Good for the individual contributor, not so good for the profession.
    • CFOs Should Trust HR, But Do Have Reasons To Be Wary
      Jim Holincheck fundamentally agrees with Beatty. His point by point analysis is thoughtful and points out some bright spots.
    • A /componentRevival of “Why We Hate HR”
      Dave Crisp, a strategy consultant and speaker, rails at the Rutgers professor while allowing that “Maybe it isn’t happening fast enough, but not for lack of discussion or attention from HR. Insults aren’t likely to help as any good coach knows and practices.
    • Note to CFO: play nice with HR
      Dennis Howlett writes about enterprise software for ZDNet. Although he fundamentally agrees with Beatty, he wants to soften the blow by critiquing the delivery method. “Given the general feeling of doom and gloom in the economy, I wanted to get a more upbeat view of what business needs to do and the place that technology can play. That bad news is that posts of the kind offered in do very little to foster what I see as a need for both HR and finance to be in lock step.

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