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Thought For the Day “Design elegance should be a measured component of the candidate experience.”

  • On Top of The Great Recession
    One look at the unemployment question that compares it to the 1983 Recession. It this guy’s opinion, we ain’t seen nothing yet.
  • Cap and Trade: Who Wins, Who Loses
    The new program is great unless you live near a company that wants to pay to be a bigger polluter.  Then, your bills  go up while your quality of life goes down. While some people will call this “NIMBY” (not in my back yard), they probably don’t live near a plant that will be asking for the right to pollute more. This is one more example of the way that national ideas are failing at the local level.
  • Goodreads vs Twitter: The Benefits of Asymmetric Follow
    Requiring reciprocal relationships between all followers and the people they follow inherently limitd things to a certain bad of relationships. Tim O’Reilly offers an articulate view of the question. There are many knds of friendship with many layers of nuance. Today’s range of choice in social media is extremely primitive.
  • Ray Sumser’s Cartoon Mountain
    New project from The Santa Cruz artist. Buy one as an investment. 🙂
  • Keys to Influence
    More explorations on the idea of influence. The comments are unbelievably rich and nuanced. Worth the read.
  • Hammock

    The Cap and Trade article was outstanding. Great explanations, detail, and commentary.

    Compare Cap and Trade to taxing cigarettes. If the smoker chooses to smoke, they only hurt themselves. In Cap and Trade if the polluter chooses to pollute and pays to do so, they hurt their innocent neighbors. All aimed at benefiting Government.

    Put this in the “any dumb idea as long as it creates tax revenue and hoodwinks voters”.

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