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On June 11, 2009, in Applicant Tracking Systems, Daily Links, by John Sumser

Thought for the Day: Social Media is Not about the tools. It’s not about what you can do with the tools. It’s about the social stuff.

  • Asking More from Talent Acquisition System Providers
    Madeline Laurano notices that employers aren’t happy with their Talent Acquisition Software suppliers. They never are. One of the interesting things about this sort of analysis is the idea that the future is supposed to arrive at all companies at the same time. It would be very interesting to find an analyst who recommended older versions for some customers because that suited their level of tech sophistication. Laurano is one of the best. Still, the relentless push to add features seems to continue whether or not the new thing is absolutely necessary. Part of the reason is that Recruiting has to move at the speed of the market. When candidates get new tools, employers have to ante up. It’s a cold war.
  • How Innovation From Google and Microsoft Can Enhance Your Talent Acquisition Strategies
    In this installment, Laurano notes the emergence of Google’s next gen email / collaboration tool, Wave and Microsoft’s Bing. Most of the innovation in Recruiting is coming from beyond the confines of the industry. With the exception of players like Jobs2Web, Jobvite and Entice Labs, the shiny new toys are not even designed for Recruiting per se. The real question is whether new and improved ways of doing unnecessary things is an innovation or a time waster. The problem with being a futurist is that the two look a lot a like.
  • Global Nerdy
    Joey DeVilla is a developer evangelist for Microsoft in Canada. Following his blog gives you some insight into real social recruiting. This guy builds (and chronicles) a community of people who fill the development pipeline.
    He organizes tech training over coffee and tons of presentations. Although the job title isn’t exactly recruiting, he’s building an ecosystem   of relationships in Canada. It’s a prototype for what social recruiting can be.
  • Business Week
    The last dying gasps of the dinosaurs are getting really interesting. The Analysis in Business Week gets more and more useful as the aging periodical craters its way through one near death experience after another.
    In Growth: Why the Stats Are Misleading, the weekly treats us to a wonky deconstruction of annual growth in the GDP. It’s a smart ting to think about if you are trying to grasp the economic situation. Basically, the speedometer says we’re going 50 when we’re actually going 35. In The Failed Promise of Innovation in the U.S., we’re treated to a contrarian view of the pace of change. What if (see above) all the new shiny toys weren’t innovation at all.
  • WARNING: Twitter can seriously damage your health ….
    Let’s get something straight. No one, I mean no one, understands what Twitter is just yet. So when you read something that tells you what the ‘right way’ to do it is, head for the hills. Someday, people are going to have two year dead spots in the resumes for the time period that they posed as Twitter experts. The nest it gets is an easy acknowledgement of the ambiguity. If you encounter certainty, be suspicious.
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