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On March 24, 2010, in The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser

credit: Artist rendering AP Photo/European South Observatory

credit: Artist rendering AP Photo/European South Observatory

Five Links To Expand Your View of HR

  • Does Your Strategy Rely on a “Pan-Asian Identity”?
    Colonial stereotyping is alive and well in our approaches to outsourcing and partnership in Asia. This Harvard Business Review article takes a look at what works.
  • America’s Real Dream Team
    Tom Friedman on the importance of immigration.
    My favorite chat, though, was with Amanda Alonzo, a 30-year-old biology teacher at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, Calif. She had taught two of the finalists. When I asked her the secret, she said it was the resources provided by her school, extremely “supportive parents” and a grant from Intel that let her spend part of each day inspiring and preparing students to enter this contest. Then she told me this: Local San Jose realtors are running ads in newspapers in China and India telling potential immigrants to “buy a home” in her Lynbrook school district because it produced “two Intel science winners.”
    How does your company support the growth and education of young scientists?
  • Warning: Your Reality is Out of Date
    The article introduces the concept of “meso-facts” facts which evolve slowly over time. i.e., Pittsburgh is now an interesting place to live; world population is nearly 7 Billion (6.8), scientists have discovered 32 planets outside of our solar system. Meso facts are contrasted with simple facts (the height of Mt. Everest) and rapidly changing facts (sports rankings, current pop hits). Staying on top of Meso-facts keeps you on top of places where your assumptions should be evolving.
  • Scaling Social Media
    Assuming that social media really takes root, this is a good first stab at the specifics of integrating the tools into your business. The article focuses on social media outside the organization. How we use SM inside the firewall is an amazing set of possibilities.
  • Lessons From Nestle’s Struggles With the Greenpeace KitKat YouTube Video and Facebook Fan Page Revolt
    Nestle got to learn in real time under public scrutiny when Greenpeace assaulted them with an anti-KitKat campaign. The lessons from this episode will resonate throughout the corporate world for some time to come. Don’t resist, don’t censor. Engage and talk about it.

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