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On May 31, 2017, in HRExaminer, HRIntelligencer, by John Sumser

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AI in the Field



Curate means a variety of things: from the work of vicar entrusted with the care of souls to that of an exhibit designer responsible for clarity and meaning. At the core, it seems to mean something about the importance of empathy in organization. HRIntelligencer is an update on the comings and goings in the Human Resource experiment with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Employees, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data and all of that stuff. We present 8 to 10 links with some explanation. The goal is to give you a way to surf the rapidly evolving field without drowning in information.

  • HR administrators will gradually be replaced by technology. This is a good thing. Where there is future value is in designing the workflows for HR admin (and for line management if you want to really branch out into effective change management). This is a skill area that is gathering pace and has a real focus on activities rather than just people. The integration of workflows will allow specialist software to be combined in flexible ways. HR – Home of Robotics?

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