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HRSaaSHRSaaS Consortium

On Monday, October 18, I was a part of the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the HR SaaS Consortium. The HR SaaS Consortium is a membership organization devoted to the issues and opportunities surrounding the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools by the HR Community. The organization is open to users, prospective users, suppliers, consultants and media people.

The Consortium provides a forum for people to figure out emerging practices in architecture, implementation and deployment of SaaS in HR. The idea is to create a collegial space that allows members to capitalize on each other’s experience. Members have the opportunity to learn about emerging trends in the market and to build a network of contacts with industry leaders.

The transition from on site software which is operated by the customer to leased tools that live ‘in the cloud’ creates a number of opportunities to rethink the use of HRIT people. SaaS deployments alter the scale and schedule of organizational change associated with new installations or new processes.

The HRSaaS Consortium will gather as a part of the HRDemo Show in LAs Vegas (December 8th and 9th). Charter membership in the Consortium is included in the admission price

Purpose: Provide the industry standard forum on HR SaaS education, procurement and performance, delivering specific value to all segments of the HR SaaS community There are three primary audiences and inter-related objectives:

  • For current or prospective HR SaaS clients and users: Get advantaged access to learning best practices in performance and procurement of HR SaaS solutions.
  • For solution providers: Update existing and prospective clients and users on features and best practices.
  • For analysts, consultants, and media: Stay aligned with trends in HR SaaS solution requirements, procurement and use.

Member Benefits will vary by the type of participant, but generally include:

  • Access to latest thinking and content from the HR SaaS Consortium, as well as a network of contacts including leaders in all segments of the market
  • Access to Executive Seminars through
  • Access to members-only social networking to facilitate interchange of ideas with membership community
  • Charter Member status at HR Demo Show 2010, plus lifetime Charter Member benefits
  • Subscription to online library of content
  • Ability for Analysts, Consultants, and Media to contribute research and white papers
  • Subscription to HRO Today Magazine
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