HRExaminer Weekly Edition Feature Privacy is an App v4.23 June 14, 2013

HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.23 June 14, 2013

From this week's Feature, Privacy is an App:
“It won’t be long before someone comes along with the privacy app that allows us to control our personal data, authorize who gets to use it, and to sell it. But when it comes out, get if fast before Google or Facebook buys it and shuts it down.”
- Heather Bussing

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Buried While The Future Rolls Over MeFeature: Buried While The Future Rolls Over Me
What do you do when keeping your eye on the ball means completely losing track of the game?
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Member of the TribeMember of the Tribe
“The most overused phrase has to be “employer value proposition.” You join the tribe and POOF. It’s like taking your blindfold off in a Febreze commercial.” Susan Strayer
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HRExaminer Radio: Episode #22: Stacy Donovan Zapar Part 2

HRExaminer Radio: Episode #22: Stacy Donovan Zapar Part 2

In a follow up interview to last week’s episode, John Sumser talks with Stacy Donovan Zapar, the Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn.
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Oldie but GoodieOldie but Goodie
If we’re looking for breakthroughs, we need to look outside the system. Don’t expect the usual suspects to deliver them.
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Why Read the HRExaminer?Why Read the HRExaminer?
Seven and a half years ago we dissected the idea of employment branding. At that time, no one else was. We get clearer on the concept with each passing day. But, you could have started thinking about it way before everyone else.
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