HRExaminer Radio: Episode #27: Amy Ala

On July 21, 2013, in HRExaminer Radio, by John Sumser

HRExaminer Radio

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HRExaminer Radio

Episode: 27
Air Date: July 19, 2013
Guest: Amy Ala


Amy Ala is a wannabe marathon runner who settles for finishing 5 and 10Ks. After falling into recruiting at the urging of a buddy trying to sell ad space in the Employment Guide, she worked her way up the agency ranks. After several years with large agencies and small boutique firms, she took a slight detour into government work then landed a corporate recruiting gig for a small IT reseller. She’s now a Staffing Consultant with Microsoft, featured blogger for, and mom to four great kids.

After nearly 14 years in employment, Amy is convinced the #1 trait in successful recruiters is a sense of humor. She hopes to someday have time for real hobbies, ideally something that involves copious amounts of wine. Until then, she settles for feeding her reality show addiction while sipping Merlot.


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