HR Forecasts and Trends HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.10 March 9, 2012

HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.10 March 9, 2012

Forecasts - Part 1 of 3Forecasts – Part 1 of 3
Drowning in the avalanche of information about people and their performance, organizations will increasingly look to HR to figure out the meaning and performance relevance of that data.
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Forecasts - Part 2 of 3Forecasts – Part 2 of 3
Privacy will become a huge consumer issue that can not be readily addressed by either legislation or enforcement.
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Forecasts - Part 3 of 3Forecasts – Part 3 of 3
There has been an observable shift in the HR career track. When the VP of HR slot is filled from within the ranks of the department, people with Recruiting backgrounds have the advantage.
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Hiring for diversity from Heather Bussing
Hiring for Diversity
“Human beings rarely add up. The idea that you should grade, classify and objectify people in order not to discriminate is just as demeaning as stereotypes.” – Heather Bussing
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Like any Recruiting methodology, referrals have their place. They can be a short–cut to the perfect employee or cause culture–rot if managed without care.
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