Pinterest - Picture Yourself Sued ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.16 April 20, 2012

HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.16 April 20, 2012

You’re Violating Copyright on PinterestYou’re Violating Copyright on Pinterest
If you ‘pin’ photos to Pinterest you are probably violating copyright law. Have you looked at the Pinterest User Agreement? They put the liability for copyright violations on YOU.
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Time Is All We Have Time Is All We Have
Value has migrated from tangible assets you could see and touch to intangible assets such as ideas, relationships, patterns and reputation.
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Evenbase Sets New PaceEvenbase Sets New Pace
If the name Evenbase doesn’t quite ring any bells yet, listen up. The company is at the beginning of a long march of planned innovation and market disruption and they’re getting louder.
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It’s Not Really a NetworkIt’s Not Really a Network
We are at the edges of the second generation of social media. Much of the original hype has been tested and found wanting.
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