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On May 18, 2012, in HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Mobile Recruiting  ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.20 May 18, 2012

HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.20 May 18, 2012

Mobile Recruiting: PreludeMobile Recruiting: Prelude
A mobile device is not an inferior younger sibling of the Internet. It is a media platform in and of itself. Much as the media types that preceded it, mobile technology transforms everything it touches. Mobile technology reduces friction, shifts time and modifies location.
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Mobile Stats (2 of 6)Mobile Stats (2 of 6)
While these numbers describe an increasingly mobile planet, they say little about the risks, opportunities and rewards associated with taking recruiting mobile. Evangelists offer heavy breathing and lots of arm waving. But, to date there are no role models or success stories in the world of mobile recruiting.
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Mobile Recruiting: What's Up? (3 of 6)Mobile Recruiting: What's Up? (3 of 6)
Heavy investment in Employment Brand is destroyed when a candidate leaves the well designed company website and heads into the ATS ghetto. Attempts to paint the company in a positive light are sabotaged by clumsy search results and ineffective process integration.
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Building a Mobile Strategy (4 of 6)Building a Mobile Strategy (4 of 6)
The degree of fervor you apply to rolling out the change process should take a number of things into account. The right approach for your team and your organization is probably not a cookie cutter version of someone else’s project.
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Mobile Recruiting: Defining Your Goals (5 of 6)Mobile Recruiting: Defining Your Goals (5 of 6)
It is inevitable that this new medium will transform your enterprise just like earlier mass media. Deciding to get on board is a question of when, not whether.
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Mobile Recruiting: Getting Started in 7 Steps (6 of 6)Mobile Recruiting: Getting Started in 7 Steps (6 of 6)
While there is no substitute for having a focused partner who keeps you up to speed, basic sustainability will require that you become a student of mobile recruiting.
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