LinkedIn: Learning Through Progressive Failure ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.45 November 9, 2012
Gamification isn’t a term you want to use in polite society. What's behind all the noise? John Sumser's post outlines the central issues in this week's feature Gamification III.
Gamification IIIGamification III
Gamification isn’t a term you want to use in polite society. Serious game designers will laugh you out of the room. Appropriating the serious science of game design for use as a business buzz word is an affront to their work.
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More Than Five Links: GamificationMore Than Five Links: Gamification
Deloitte listed Gamification as one of its key tech trends in 2012. They talk about the ability to solve business problems in game environments. Plus, there’s a video and a white paper and an extensive curated list of Gamification links prepared by John that you can't miss.
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When Stealing is OkayWhen Stealing is Okay
“If you really care about your particular “truly unique” idea and/or thought, give it away. Gleefully give it away. Make it easy for folks to consume, borrow and share.” – William Tincup
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Stand Up for Yourself Without Getting FiredStand Up for Yourself Without Getting Fired
Attorneys often have legal myopia; they can only see how the law applies. Ballman sees beyond the purely legal issues to the real problems employees deal with everyday – like eating and paying the heating bill.
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