Rethinking Discrimination ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 4.04 January 25, 2013

There are a boat load of new issues to navigate in hiring and managing people in 2013. In this week's feature, Rethinking Discrimination, Heather Bussing cruises over the legal undercurrents and offers up a 5-step guide for keeping your company off the rocky shoals of legal trouble. We wrap up this issue with new posts from Dr. Todd Dewett and John Sumser. Enjoy.

Rethinking Discrimination by Heather BussingRethinking Discrimination by Heather Bussing
“As accessibility to information and data about everyone become ubiquitous, we need to rethink our approaches to equal opportunity, diversity, and discrimination.” – Heather Bussing
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Five Links: Managing the RealFive Links: Managing the Real
This week’s links include a piece about the relationship between offshoring and capabilities, skills gap stuff, social recruiting, analytics and user adoption guides.
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Great New DemosGreat New Demos
Finally, one of the video interviewing players demonstrates that they get that it has to be about more than video. Video itself is free. That means that the video interviewing players all have to scramble to identify the real value add.
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More on Attraction vs PromotionMore on Attraction vs Promotion
If you want to attract great talent, develop your people. Build a reputation for being a place that great people come from. When it becomes clear that working with you is a pathway to a successful career, talent flows in your direction.
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The Office is a Great Place for Fun and GamesThe Office is a Great Place for Fun and Games by Todd Dewett
“When adults have autonomy at work they might not focus on their normal tasks 100% of the time. That’s normal. Guess what? Using some of that autonomy for small doses of play at work actually facilitates productivity for most people. ” – Dr. Todd Dewett
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