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What matters in social? ~ HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.42

The 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR & Recruiting After five and a half months, I’ve finished the 2012 Index of Social Technology in Recruiting and HR. The 100+ page report is a comprehensive guide that will help you chart your social media strategy for 2012 and beyond. Read Now »

book review The Rare Find Anders book review on HR ExaminerBig Data vs Key Selection From Special Forces to Sports recruiting with key stops at Google and Facebook, Anders new book, The Rare Find, showcases the way powerful companies find the people who give their organizations a real edge. It’s a powerful sock in the nose to recruiting by competency or the kind of matching systems that try to fit candidates to job descriptions. Read Now »

Dealing with problem employeesDrama Management—Dealing With Problem Employees by Heather Bussing An employee is reprimanded for some performance problem. She gets defensive and complains to everyone about being treated unfairly. People take sides. The challenge is to make it better without making it worse. Read Now »

Jed Clampett on ROI Jed Clampett on ROI in HR Last year, Jed Clampett ranked 5th on the Forbes list of the richest fictional characters, with $7.5 Billion in wealth created from the oil on his property. As I sat through the presentations at the Recruiting Innovation Summit, I realized the Jed’s view of Investment and Return was worth exploring. Read Now »


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