The Online Influence Edition ~ HR Examiner Weekly v3.01 January 6, 2012

The Online Influence Edition ~ HR Examiner Weekly v3.01 January 7, 2012

If it Doesn’t Matter, It’s Not Influence by Heather BussingIf it Doesn’t Matter, It’s Not Influence by Heather Bussing
I’m not drinking the algorithmic Kool-Aid of influence measurement. Influence is not something that can be accurately measured based on counting digital breadcrumbs on the internet.
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Defining InfluenceDefining Influence 2012
Defining influence is a Class A Philosophy project. There are nuances upon nuances. Influence is one of those ideas that describes situational dynamics.
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Measuring influence
Measured Influence
As services like Klout, EmpireAvenue, and PeerIndex have come along, influence measurement has taken on a new credibility. It’s also taken some pretty silly turns.
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William Tincup talks about influence in conversation Conversation as Influencer: William Tincup
This is part of our Books as Influencer’s Series. As always, William Tincup approaches things in his own unique way. And if you get a chance to have a conversation with William, take it.
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Books As Influencers: Bob Corlett
Books as influence series with Bob Corlett We asked our Editorial Advisory Board what books influenced their thinking this past year. This week we will be publishing their responses. Here are Bob Corlett’s picks.
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Books as influence series with Rusty Rueff, Dr. Todd Dewett, William Uranga and Neil McCormickBooks As Influencers: Rueff, Uranga, Dewitt, McCormick Editorial Advisory Board members weigh in on the books that influenced them in 2011. Here are the selections from Rusty Rueff, Dr. Todd Dewitt, William Uranga and Neil McCormick.
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