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HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.24 June 21, 2013

This week’s Feature, The 7 Stages of Promotion:

Dr. Todd Dewett examines the career arc and leadership in this week’s feature post. Guest author, Randy Emelo defines a new learning leader for HR, Heather Bussing talks weasels, and John Sumser calls attention to what’s missing from recruiting software and interviews Hank Stringer on HRExaminer Radio.

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The 7 Stages of PromotionFeature: The 7 Stages of Promotion
People don’t know what it’s like to lead until they get there. Too often, however, professionals overestimate how well they know this new place, thus they engage the stages of promotion with surprise and elevated stress.
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HR Needs a New Learning LeaderHR Needs a New Learning Leader
Most learning leaders got their start by assessing training needs, developing courses, and then facilitating those courses in the classroom. L&D professionals have refined these skills, but is this a good thing?
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It’s Never About the FunctionalityIt’s Never About the Functionality
The weird thing about most companies that sell new recruiting tools is that they don’t really understand the value they are delivering. They’ve never been recruiters.
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Weasels and Sociopaths

Weasels and Sociopaths

As a lawyer, I deal with weasels and sociopaths a lot. Weasels and sociopaths love power. And money.
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HRExaminer Radio: Episode #23: Hank StringerHRExaminer Radio: Episode #23: Hank Stringer John Sumser interviews Hank Stringer, CEO of Stringer Executive Search. Stringer has 30 years of experience as a successful high-tech recruiter and recruitment technology innovator.
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