HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.27 July 19, 2013 When Harassment is Legal

HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.27 July 19, 2013

As our Legal Editor Heather Bussing says, “Really weird stuff happens at work.” That’s the focus of our feature article this week from Heather, When Harassment is Legal. Maren Hogan returns to the HR Examiner Editorial Advisory Board with her article, Humanizing Your Brand Through Social Media: 6 Steps. John Sumser rounds up this week’s issue with Communication Channels III, plus 5 Links: Tech Recruiting and his HR Examiner Radio interview of Recruiting Animal. Enjoy!

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When Harassment is LegalFeature: When Harassment is Legal
“People often contact me because they believe they’re being harassed at work, treated unfairly, or have been wrongfully terminated. Really weird stuff happens at work.” –Heather Bussing Read Now »


Communication Channels IIICommunication Channels III
The number of communications options are exploding. Knowing how and where to communicate your employment brand and job opportunities is no longer easy.
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Humanizing Your Brand Through Social Media: 6 StepsHumanizing Your Brand Through Social Media: 6 Steps “Social media has become such a permanent and vital part of business that the bar is being raised daily. This whole process begins with a clearly defined brand and strategy.” –Maren Hogan Read Now »


5 Links: Tech Recruiting5 Links: Tech Recruiting
Tech Recruiting depends on two variables: the organization’s size, and the competence/connectedness of the recruiter.
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HRExaminer Radio: Episode #26: Recruiting AnimalHRExaminer Radio: Episode #26: Recruiting Animal “Recruiting Animal” is the host of the infamous Recruiting Animal Show that features members of the online recruiting community.
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