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blank-slate-challenge-entry-200x200The submissions for our Blank Slate Challenge are in and this week we’ll be featuring some of your submissions from around the world of HR. You may recall that we challenged HRExaminer.com readers to create an HR led strategy that could produce results in your organization like the iPhone and iPad have for Apple. How would you change the way you recruit, hire, develop and retain your employees so they could reach their full potential while keeping them engaged? After we post these select submissions our Editorial Advisory Board will be voting on the top three entries with the grand prize winner taking home an Apple iPad. – John Sumser

The attached submission is from Lorena Perry.

“Blank Slate Challenge”




I am a Technical Recruiter / Team Leader at Brainhunter.

The idea:

Most companies only think about revenue and making a profit, I believe as an HR specialist we should focus more on our personnel and we should always give back to the community. I strongly believe that “What goes around comes around”. Providing our expert services to the less fortunate or unprepared job seekers will produce benefits not just for them but for us also as employees because it will provide a positive message in to the market as a company that cares.

The program that I have in mind is something I am already doing on a small scale like one-on-one coaching; I think it is time to make it “BIG”. The project is called “Talent Acquisition Program”. The objective will be to deliver training with “no-cost” to potential candidates. We will provide an “In-House” set of seminars that will also be made available “online” as a link through our website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Anyone looking for a job or for some “Job searching” advice can participate; you can be part of one workshop or all of them. But you do not have to take all of the workshops as they are independent topics even though they are related.

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Lateral advantage:

Our firm will be able to acquire potential candidates in the database that we do not get on regular basis.

The program consists of the following steps:

One year program with 6 free workshops / webinars for Engineers                             (one seminar every 2 months)

Each seminar length will be one hour, approximately

Presented by Company’s Staff:

VP of Business Development

VP of Recruitment

Business Development Managers

Recruitment Team

Advertisement in Company’s website and all social media

Scheduled on a repetitive day during the week either at lunch time (12-1 pm) and / or after work (6-7 pm)


We will use our own website to advertise the event plus all the social media available through out own recruitment team like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Recruitingblogs, etc

All events will be advertise a month in advance and will have a registration deadline of a week before the workshop date.


All participants have to register online and be part of Brainhunter’s database. We are able to accommodate 100 candidates, so first come first serve.

Expectations and Outcome:

Candidate Acquisition (Building Engineering Candidate Pool)

Positive * Free*  Advertising / Marketing

Brand Communication (rebranding)

Community Service improving Corporate profile and image

Program is transferable to other divisions with in Brainhunter (I.T., Finance, HR)

Lead generation for Business Development

Extend the training through out Social Media to reach more potential candidates


Market Trends & Career Search 2010

Conducting Job Search & Evaluating Job Opportunities

Resume / Reference Preparation

Interviewing Techniques

Negotiating and Closing a Job Offer

Career Networking and usage of Social Media (Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc)


Pre-registration to be able to attend                                    (before event in website)

Registration  (5 minutes)

Welcome & BH Intro  (2 minutes)

Speaker Presentation                                                                              (3 minutes)

Presentation  (20 minutes)

Q&A                                                                                                       (10 minutes)

One-on-One Assessment  with Brainhunter Recruiters  (20 minutes)

Follow up:

We will have these types of seminars on continuous basis; without waiting for the whole program to be done.

We will have questionnaires design to provide feedback on the workshops and define new themes on ways to help candidates to have a better career search experience, a good career road map.

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