Looking Bad

Two themes this week: Looking bad and Policies.

Two authors, two viewpoints. Insights galore.

Heather Bussing and John Sumser walked into the meeting halls at SHRM this week writing about policies and walk out talking about what everyone is worried about with social media.

Looking bad and HR Policies~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.26 June 29, 2012


HRExaminer v3.26 June 29, 2012


Table of Contents

Looking Bad


What Are You Trying To Hide?


Policies and User Adoption


People. Not Policies.

  • dehdeh

    “If you give someone the responsibility to do something, give them the authority to actually get it done.”
    This is the Golden Rule of Successful Organization.
    It should be written in letters of fire for everyone who assigns jobs!On the other hand, I do not use social media because (1) internet communication is adequate. (2) other media waste my time.

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