Social Media Relationships III

On October 7, 2010, in More2Know, by John Sumser
there are two aspects of online network relationships; the shared thing among members of a group or list and the value received from being on the list. The idea, when you are building an audience, is to have the two merge so that the value comes from being on the list. But, that takes significant and, more importantly, competent, investment.

In The Know v1.36 Social Media Relationships

On October 6, 2010, in The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser
There is no reliable set of terminology to describe or measure the structure, content or value of your social media experiments and the assets that result. Most effective practitioners realize that social value is something like fresh produce. It has a shelf life. You have to build and harvest value in a manner that resembles grocery store inventory management. We’re all learning about this stuff together. Here are five links (and a bonus) to help clarify your thoughts on value in social media.

Social Media Relationships II

On October 5, 2010, in The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser
* When new publishing and advertising technology takes root, the early adopters appear to have (and in some ways actually do have) more influence and authority than might otherwise be accorded them. Prowess with new technology can seem like subject matter expertise. Learning to tell the difference between publishing skills and functional utility is one of the new frontiers of literacy. Here at the dawn of the communications era, we are just beginning to learn to distinguish between friendship and advertising; between relationships and connections; between being a spam target and being valued; between a network and a mailing list; between your pipeline and my community.

Social Media Relationships

On October 3, 2010, in More2Know, by John Sumser
Relationships My birthday was last week. Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to expect to see a number of nice messages from friends and acquaintances in email and on the various social media sites. I wasn’t disappointed. As I’ve gotten used to having slices of my life play out in public, I’ve developed […]

The Weekly HRExaminer v1.35

On October 1, 2010, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Mark McMillan, Weekly, by John Sumser
Read The Weekly HRExaminer v1.35 Now Feature: Bret Starr Top 100 Influencer For a guy named Starr, it’s hard to imagine a better place to be from than Texas. Like the country he’s from, Bret Starr is unapologetic about calling bullshit on the pablum that serves as marketing these days and he’s quick to point […]

SaaS Revolt Response

On October 1, 2010, in More2Know, by John Sumser
It’s pretty obviously a vendor-centric response to the concerns we heard expressed by HR Execs in the “SaaS Revolt” piece. Vendors rarely understand (in a visceral way) the real costs of ownership of a piece of technology. While vendors focus on the price tag at the point of acquisition, customers live with the implications of design and development in painful, moment to moment daily interaction with the system. The loudest complaint, that SaaS delivers unfettered change across the customer base, is overlooked. In fact, Colin does the standard “It’s not a bug it’s a feature” dance that vendors learn in their formative years. Customers can’t just “go to Subway” once the contract is in place.
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Review: Saba Collaboration

On September 30, 2010, in Reviews, by John Sumser
Review Saba I’ve only seen half of the Saba enterprise suite and I’m blown away. If the company doesn’t emerge from this year’s HRTech with a pocketful of awards, it will have more to do with the show that the merit of the Saba offering. They have advanced the profession of HR by decades with […]

Top v1.69 Bret Starr

On September 30, 2010, in HRExaminer, Movers/Shakers, by John Sumser
Top 100 Influencers v 1.69 Bret Starr A surprising number of the people who influence the direction of the HR Industry come from Texas. Of course, Austin, with its technology industries (driven by the live music culture) produces a fair share of the ideation. But, Dallas is a major (if not THE major) Recruiting hub. And, […]

SaaS Revolt

On September 29, 2010, in More2Know, by John Sumser
The result is the sort of chaos that comes from an ever changing goal line. While agility is important, organizations resist change for a reason. Too much change, too fast is disabling. The problem with poorly implemented SaaS installations is that they destroy an organization’s ability to build on what it has learned.

In The Know v1.35 Workforce Analytics

On September 29, 2010, in The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser
In The Know v1.35 Workforce Analytics 5 Links (plus a bonus) to soup up your understanding of analytics in HR. Competing on Talent Analytics Jeremy Shapiro and his coauthors Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne Harris, bring Human Capital Analytics to the heart of the business conversation. In this HBR article, they define a framework for […]
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