Review: JobScience

On July 20, 2010, in Reviews, by John Sumser
JobScience is the first Recruiting as CRM tool to be built on a major CRM platform. The company, which has legacy ATS products in the health-care niche, is spreading its wings. Their toolset is the second largest application in the ecosystem and a pioneering design effort to keep the wheels greased while does its thing.

Leaders Are Planning For Future Growth – So What Does This Mean For HR?

On July 19, 2010, in Chris Howard, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, by Chris Howard
Please welcome Chris Howard as the newest member of the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. Chris is a vice president and co-founder of Bersin & Associates. He leads the company’s research and product strategy as well as many internal corporate initiatives. Howard has an extensive background in learning and enterprise systems technology. Over the past decade, he […]

The Weekly HRExaminer v1.24

On July 16, 2010, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Neil McCormick, Weekly, by John Sumser
Read The Weekly HRExaminer v1.24 Now Feature | Top 25  Online Influencers in Leadership If you’ve read our previous Top 25 Online Influencer lists you’ve been surprised at some point. How about this one? “Finding 1: The list appears to have missed virtually everyone with a name in the leadership business.” Renowned author Tom Peters is […]

Dot Jobs

On July 15, 2010, in More2Know, by John Sumser
““I strongly oppose Employ Media’s history of dissembling, lack of transparency and willingness to enter into backroom deals and, am even more strongly concerned with SHRM’s inability to choose to act as a trusted referee…..due to misinformation, lack of interest etc. etc. it goes without saying that the community of legitimate job boards feels threatened by the proposed expansion of the .jobs top level domain.” Further, I note that this is the wrong time, economically, to disrupt the job hunting process. Adding friction to job discovery, as this initiative obviously will, couldn’t be more ill timed. The last thing that global job hunters need today is more confusion in the online employment marketplace.

Top 25 Online Influencers in Leadership

On July 14, 2010, in HRExaminer, Top 25 Leadership Influencers Online, by John Sumser
Here are the key words we used to generate the Top 25 Online Influencers in Leadership list: “leadership development”,”employee engagement”,motivating employees,”leadership style”,”employee development”,”high performance teams”,servant leader,measuring leadership,”talent management”,”leadership consultant”,”leadership guru”,”management guru”,leadership integrity,leadership trust,leadership strengths,leadership authenticity,”motivational speaker”,”leadership speaker”,”leadership coaching”,”executive coaching”,”leadership communication”,”management style”,”management training”,”personal branding” leader,”executive leadership”

Just Work (from the Vaults)

On July 9, 2010, in HRExaminer, More2Know, by John Sumser
There’s an emerging movement. It’s something like the slow food movement as it applies to work. Slow food is an antidote to fast food. It’s a part of the Slow Movement which features websites like Slow Planet. Slow is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace; it’s about working, playing and living better by doing everything at the right speed.

The Weekly HRExaminer v1.23

On July 9, 2010, in HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
Read the The Weekly HRExaminer v1.23 Now Feature | Why They Love To Hate HR, Part II HR Riddle: What has pink skin tone, a cartoon gal with black hair and a red dress, angry as can be and holding an innocent little rabbit upside-down by one leg? Hint: it pissed you off. Yes! It’s the […]

Workforce Strategy 101

On July 8, 2010, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Neil McCormick, by Neil McCormick
Joining the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board from Australia and representing the Asia-Pac region is Neil McCormick. Neil has worked in human resources and consulting services for the past 16 years building a repertoire covering human resource management, recruitment consulting, management consulting, talent management, general management and learning and development. He currently serves as General Manager […]

Putting HR Out of Business

On July 8, 2010, in HRExaminer, More2Know, by John Sumser
What if the goal of the HR operation was to put itself out of business? Not as a way of moving on to a better type of HR but as an end in itself. Why shouldn’t HR be responsible for solving a set of problems and then closing the door?

In The Know v1.24

On July 7, 2010, in The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser
In The Know v1.24 Five links to stay abreast if the trends shaping HR. Regulating Distributed Work (Why It’s a Good Idea)Crowdsourcing and mechanical turks are reshaping the way that work gets done. These employees are not specifically addressed in current employment law. The author makes the case for increased oversight as a way of […]
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