080814 Daily Links (August 14, 2008)

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  • Thought For The Day: Success is built on tiny things and timing.
  • The Risk in Using Twitter as a Public Utility Accountability for changes to the API is the tip of the iceberg. The company has not demonstrated much concern for the consequence of its design decisions.
  • Sourcing is like attending a garage sale "the main reason why sourcing reminds me of garage sales is that if you just pick up “bargains” simply because they’re bargains you’ll soon find out that sometimes there’s a good reason why an item is a bargain: It’s junk. Beware of the low hanging fruit!!!"
  • Online Video Ad Spending Growth online video ad spending in the US will reach $505 million this year and keep climbing through at least 2013. Over the next five years, growth will peak in 2012 at 78.9% above the 2011 spending level—reaching $3.4 billion."
  • How to create a Recruitment Video for $0.00 When people who work in our industry say that something that takes time
  • You’re ticking me off!

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