080815 Daily Links (August 15, 2008)

On August 15, 2008, in All, Daily Links, JohnSumser.com, by John Sumser
  • Thought For The Day: "When I tweet every two or three minutes, I lose followers" – Maren Hogan
  • Digging Into RecruitingBlogs.com v1.15 Stirring Up the Pot.
  • Google Launches AdSense for Feeds Too bad they’re driving market pricing down
  • Why Blogs Need To Be Social Blogging is not just publishing, it’s a communal activity.
  • The Google Black Hole "Despite Google’s reputation for fostering new companies, many services that nestle into Mountain View’s welcoming bosom are never heard from again. The pattern: Company gets bought out. Users rejoice. Company lies fallow for months. Users grow impatient. Company’s employees get farmed out to other Google projects. Company lies fallow for more months. Users get even more impatient …"
  • CareerBuilder Wants to Kick Your Nuts. The cool thing about a dying industry (CareerBuilder is the newspaper’s last stand) is that you can do stupid things like this and no one will notice.

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