080818 Daily Links (August 18, 2008)

On August 18, 2008, in All, Daily Links, JohnSumser.com, by John Sumser
  • Thought For The Day: You have to stand far enough back to see the whole thing
  • Findability is a Legitimate Concern for Bloggers "Findability is the concept that content can be “found” by readers. This is a common problem that many bloggers wrestle with, and many have tried a wide variety of techniques to make their blogs more findable. This is not the same as SEO, though. SEO is a subset of findability. It’s findability for machines. Findability is as much about the data structure as the content or theme structure or the device compatibility (is it mobile compatible, for instance?)"
  • The Trouble with Twitter "Twitter is not a vast communications network of 2.3 million users squared. Rather, it consists of small pools of people with gaps and limits on how they interact. This is important to marketers and investors, because it puts big brakes on how internal communications could propagate inside any social media network"
  • Web Strategy: The Evolution of Brands on RecruitingBlogs.com redesign…smooth
  • why won’t anyone buy indeed.com? Meaty analysis from a cheesy source

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