Thought for the Day: “A lot of my job is redistributing the future,” Tim O’Reilly

  • Why I Love Twitter
    Twitter is maturing into a critical business tool.  It’s not so much the personal stuff, it’s the flow of competitive intel.
  • You’re Leaving a Digital Trail. What About Privacy?
    When you add it all up, our trails create the possibility of collective intelligence beyond imagining….if the bad guys don’t screw it up. Oh, it’s a little hard to tell who the bad guys are..  
  • Transitions
    Dubs is doing some soul searching. SystematicHR has been his gift to us for years.  How and why one blogs over time is a pretty interesting question.
  • Inspecht HR Futures Conference
    The RecruitingRoadshow/Recruitfest vibe is spreading like a virus. Michael Specht is building another small conference.
  • Talent Acquisition Ecosystem
    Too simple? Too complex? Just Right? Let him know 

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