Thought For The Day: "Customers are major players in the arena of marketing – I would argue more so than the marketing professionals themselves now – so it is important to realize that and shift the marketing program to be more about how you interact and empower those customers rather than how you control and spread the message."- Tara Hunt

  • Social Text Offering Free Alumni Networks (Also see this)
    Downturns offer companies a real opportunity. The faithful departed, if downsized with grace and kindness, can be molded into a phenomenal talent pool. SelectMinds, Conenza (and others) have been plowing this ground for years with good success. The entry of SocialText will turbocharge this market. It’s a good reminder that technology infuses from outside of the industry. (Here’s a useful white paper for background info. Ceridian offers this short overview. Here are a couple hundred examples.) A key to understanding the phenomenon? There are two variations: started by volunteers after leaving the company and started by the company. The SocialText communities are likely to be the former while SelectMinds vends the latter
  • ESME accepted into prestigious Apache Incubator
    By this time next year, ESME will be seeping into the enterprise environment. It will be (if not the) one of the major Twitter clones behind the firewall. Has anyone noticed that the problems with Twitter include 1) lack of embedded accountability and 2) lack of distribution certainty.
  • JobWire
    Keeping track of the comings and goings in silicon valley.
  • SaaS Revenue Recognition
    Here is an obscure subject you actually might need to understand. In Software as a Service (SaaS), the point at which you are allowed to recognize revenue is much debated. Taleo is involved in a well reported dustup involving the timing of revenue recognition. Holincheck does a workmanlike job of wading through an extremely opaque set of ideas. We’re eager to find a piece that makes the ideas more digestible. Meanwhile, Jim is the standard bearer. (Note: the viability of "cloud computing/recruiting" hangs on the way that the accountants treat this issue. Current conventional wisdom is that you can’t reach profitability with less than $100M in revenue in the current model. (Here’s a good look at the SaaS issues)
  • Decision Toolbox Selected to Service Cisco Systems’ Partner Talent Network
    Missed this one a couple of months back. It might be the real recruiting story of 2008.

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