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On February 10, 2009, in All, Daily Links, John Sumser, JohnSumser.com, by John Sumser

Thought For The Day: We even outsource our outsourcing.

  • Facebook In Reality
    Funny video.
  • David Perry and Kevin Donlin Launch “The Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course”
    Let’s root for our homeboys.
  • Rumors of Job Board Death Greatly Exaggerated
    Much of the carping you hear comes from the people they are replacing.
  • Long Url Please
    Shortened (from services like tinyurl, reallytinyurl and budurl) are helpful if you want aesthetics in your links. There are a number of drawbacks. Regular urls are set up to let you know when you’ve been to the page before (the color changes). URL shortening removes this accountability. Longer urls give you information about the detination site. You get the domian name and, in many cases, the name of the page itself. Shortened urls deprive you of this information. Enter LongUrlPlease which tells you the short url’s destination. Nice.
  • Tweetajob
    Fast. Reasonably priced. Try it and let me know if it’s effective.

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