Thought For The Day: Attributes of social media:
1. Social media requires investment (time, energy, money)
2. Relationships can not be automated. Be authentic
3. New media works on attraction, not promotion. Broadcast tactics need careful testing
4. New media amplifies anxieties and fears in a public way. Avoid tactics that feel funny.
5. Relationships begin with evidence of intent. Invest real value in your communications.

  • Students who listen to podcast lectures do better than those who show up
    Of course they do. It’s much easier to concentrate on the ipod. This insight is the tip of the iceberg. Conventional notions about education (particularly here in North America) are under serious assault. The iTunes University instantly globalizes, democratizes and decentralizes the whole enchillada. Big implications for corporate universities.
  • Best Subject Lines To Get Email Opened
    Sending out vast quantities of impersonal email that pleads for business (or jobs or whatever) simply embarrasses you. At the very same time, it’s useful to get your newsletters in the hands of people who need and want the information. Two different kinds of bulk email.
  • Contribution and Connection are the New Currency
    Nice place to start reading Social Media Today. A bit complicated, the “Elements of Collaboration” chart is good food for thought.
  • Candidate Bill of Rights Vs. Recruiter Code of Conduct.
    In a down cycle, more candidates flow through the hiring process while fewer of them get hired. That means that the cost per hire goes up for the people doing the hiring. The more money that gets spent on hiring, the fewer people who can be hired. The Candidate’s “Bill of Rights” (CBOR) offers a model in which being nice is better than hiring one more person. By suggesting that service levels should improve as volume increases, the CBOR argues for an increase in spending when volume goes up. The money to execute the idea has to come from somewhere.This  is the very problem with HR.

    The appropriate, well mannered response to someone who submits an unsolicited resume may well be nothing at all. The dumbest way to improve candidate experience is by dictating a pile of rules to a group of overworked people.

  • Big City Burrito Builds a Viral Database With Mobile Marketing
    You can’t find the future of recruiting by watching recruiters. The mobile marketing revolution is going to reshape hiring, particularly in the hourly category. The practical application stuff will be developed outside of Recruiting and imported. Here’s an example.

Sumser and Dimitri Boylan : Adding Strategic Value In Downcycle Recruiting

Feb 26th 1PM PST
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