Thought For The Day: “Creative people don’t want to “do it right.” They want to share the excitement you had when you yourself didn’t know how to do it right. Creative people are unconsciously attracted by the parts that make no sense. And Web 2.0 was full of those.” –Bruce Sterling

  • What An Antitrust Case Against Google Might Look Like
    • Even  with the appearance of competition from other search engines such as Yahoo and Microsoft in the market for sponsored search, Google enjoys monopoly power over corporations that participate in its keyword auctions. This monopoly power is especially great when Google deals with corporations whose operations are largely fixed cost, such as hotels and airlines.
    • Google is abusing its monopoly position by overcharging corporations for access to consumers. These charges are passed along to consumers and ultimately result in consumer harm.
    • Google is likewise abusing its monopoly position, deterring market entry in areas that would benefit consumers and damaging potential entrants.
      Any one of these would justify regulatory intervention. The second and possibly the third would also justify some form of financial compensation to those who could demonstrate that they had been damaged by Google.
  • History of the Internet in little pictures and animation
    Great tutorial. Know your history.
  • Death of Journalism, part 3
    Dave Winer represents the kind of citizen I try to be. Making  the news, criticizing the news, demonstrating a better way all at the same time. In this piece he makes two key points. First, newspapers are dead because their sources go blogs and second because the world is unhappy with their work.
  • H+ (hplus)
    Incredible new magazine about the future. This is the second edition. Pretty broad coverage. Almost no web hype.
  • Separating Truth from Fiction About Newspapers In This Recession
    You can tell from the title that this piece is written by someone with a vested interest in the newspapers’ success. Nonetheless, there is much to be learned here. A good look at capital infrastructure and business models.


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