Thought For The Day: “Hire slowly. Fire quickly” – Zappos

  • McKinsey: What Matters: Organization
    From well outside of the bounds of conventional HR comes this McKinsey package of articles about Talent Futures. They were, you’ll remember, the source of the original “War for Talent” meme. Of particular note: The new talent imperative and Netting young employees.
  • Portrait of Mississippi
    This report is an outgrowth of the American Human Development Project which shows, on a congressional district by congressional district basis, the relative well being of Americans. Mississippi ranks very low with living standards that are often 30 years behind the more affluent parts of the country. The gap is significant enough to make you wonder if Mississippi is part of the reality that the rest of us occupy. Here’s the full report (pdf). It’s the interactive maps that tell the story.
  • RT @jowyang: Jobs: Social Media Marketing Manager, Microsoft at Redmond
    It takes more to explain this “tweet” than to execute it. This is how jobs are getting marketed today. “jowyang” is a widely respected analyst in Social Media. He has a job board for professionals in the arena he covers. It’s exactly the right place to advertise for social media jobs. The process is to tiny (read – produces too much value) for large concerns to try to track. Very narrowcasting is one of the keys to competent branding. He’s a role model for transparency.
  • Social Recruiting: corporate adoption of social media for recruiting and retention
    We’re operating in a world where ‘timeless’ means within the past 120 days. Here’s a timeless piece from the Seery-Gudes, the preeminent couple in social recruiting.
  • Program Management Job Description
    Microsoft gets a lot of stuff right. Here’s a description of a Program Management Role written by a VP at the company. This is how good job ads are done. Engaging content and a thorough explanation that accounts for ambiguity.

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