Thought For The Day: “If you’re not thinking of Amazon as a social networking company, you should.” —Dave Winer

  • Fordyce Letter Network
    1834 Members, 151 Forum Discussions (about 1/day), Blog Posts 215 (about 1/day). Part of the ERE family. This small network includes some of the usual suspects and some serious talent. This may be the proof point for smaller is better.
    The grand dame of online HR community. Boasting over 188,000 members, 250 new members a day.
  • Minnesota Recruiters
    This community is an online-offline hybrid. 1,600 members. About 25% register for the regular physical networking events, 18% attend (space is usually a limiter)
  • Front End Recruiting
    165 Members, 16 Discussions growing at a couple of comments/week, 300 Blog Posts. This is an example of a boutique community…one central figure and a network of allies. Few of the regulars. Focused on the latest tools, trends and techniques
  • Sourcecon
    344 members.  all prescreened “sourcers” – very niche.  high value networking! 180 forum topics, some with a good amount of comments (see the sourcecon feedback thread).  Langhans says “sourcers are bit more of doers then talkers”.
  • Recruiter’s Network
    Claims 36,000 members. No info about content.
  • Recruiter’s Online Network
    This is a grandchild of Bill Vick’s original network.
  • RCE
    Recruiting Community Europe has about 1,300 members (They show last date of participation), blog postings (about 1/week)

I am still collecting information about Online communities in the HR – HCM – HRTech – TotalHR – Benefits – Compensation – Recruiting – Talent Management Industry. Please forward ideas and places I shouldn’t miss to john (at) Thanks – js

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