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Thought For The Day: The cost of the impending demographic problem dwarfs the current financial mess.

  • TalentRevolution
    Another ning site to add to the growing communities list. If HR were the new black, this would be the place. Tag line: “creating ultimate career lifestyles, maximizing return on talent and generational inclusion. engage here 24/7.”  Very cool opening page.  (Ning is forcing community builders to make some hard decisions) 834 Members, about 100 discussions in the forum, 256 Blog posts growing at about 1/day…6 to 10 comments per post.
  • Ning Recruiting Networks
    My head hurts. Ning lists 250 networks involving Recruiting.
  • Twitter Traffic Explodes…And Not Being Driven by the Usual Suspects!
    18-24 year olds, the traditional social media early adopters, are actually 12 percent less likely than average to visit Twitter (Index of 88). It is the 25-54 year old crowd that is actually driving this trend. More specifically, 45-54 year olds are 36 percent more likely than average to visit Twitter, making them the highest indexing age group, followed by 25-34 year olds, who are 30 percent more likely.
  • Crowdsourcing through Knowledge Marketplace
    The SpinAct Blog is a window on a specialized Talent Acquisition space: the armies of Systems Integrators who work installations for the big Enterprise Software companies. The arena has a language of its own. This article looks at the costs and consequences of using crowdsourcing to solve large scale systems problems. It proves the notion that HR and Recruiting have many unrelated niches. (Also see Talent Arbitrage The Next Differentiator)
  • With / An iPhone And Jobscience You May Never Go To The Office Again
    The first of many.

I am still collecting information about Online communities in the HR – HCM – HRTech – TotalHR –  Benefits – Compensation – Recruiting – Talent Management Industry. Please forward ideas and places I shouldn’t miss to john (at) johnsumser.com. Thanks – js

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