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Thought For The Day: Free content does not mean low value, no matter what the expensive content providers say.

  • Glen Cathey Responds To ERE Post Claiming Risk For Low Cost Training
    It was an odd article in the first place. In the internet era, the high cost providers got together and dissed the low cost providers. ERE magnanimously provided the forum. What’s wild is that ERE and the authors of the post were all last generation’s low cost providers. That’s how you get into the game if you have no capital. Reminds me of the stuff the editorial section of the WSJ is putting out these days about TechMeme being a parasite.
  • The Partnership for 21st Century Skills
    Retooling education for 21st Century realities. Investing in the labor supply, Most kids race home from boring industrial educational institutions top do some real learning. Computing and video games teach the skills that they’ll need.
  • Can St. Louis Save Cleveland?
    Talent attraction is a regional game, too. St. Louis markets to New Yorkers at Carnegie Hall. Educated kids leave the midwest  for the coast all of the major cities are facing a brain drain. This is from a great blog urging a strong response form Pittsburgh. Cleveland is the butt of a lot of the jokes.
  • BrandForTalent.com
    Libby Sartain’s new book is also a blog.
  • Not All Retention Is Good.
    John Sullivan makes a good start on the question. See the comments. It’s bigger than he thinks. Retention, as an absolute, is a bad way to run a company. (Well, it’s a good way to run a company into the ground.) Managing Human Capital means managing the flow of opportunity. Retention usually clogs that up by rewarding cronyism and calling it performance. When retention is the buzzword, kissing the boss’ behind means job security.

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