Thought For The Day: “To cut to the chase, what seemed the most important thing in creating a “community” from a recruiting perspective was to put the “talent” or the community in touch with each other and then get out of the way.” Sean Rehder.

  • The Tech Lab: Brendon Riley
    Frorm th UK, IBM’s view of the future, almost a manifesto. Remember, this is IBM. "While the world continues to get smaller and more interconnected, something is now happening that holds even greater potential. Our planet is becoming smarter. It is now possible to infuse intelligence into the way the world works."
  • Social Recruiting Summit
    Susan Burns, with the help of the ERE team, is pulling together an interesting event at the Googleplex. There are interesting concepts stirring about what works and what doesn’t. Look for signs that this is an exploration. There are no experts on this subject, just us learners.
  • It’s Official, Twitter is a Cult
    A plea for reason before we join the other lemmings and leap off the cliff. "maybe we need to really consider the role it plays and how we could and should use it. I fundamentally believe it is not creating “a community” and I am also deeply concerned about the combination of “Attention Grabbing Headlines” with the lack of responsibility used by many Twitterers (urban myth perpetuation, worms/attacks, and, of course, Rickrolling)."
  • Dominos Pranksters Done In By Crowdsourcing
    Here’s what happens with cameras in the workplace, internet distribution and a little slack time from the economy. Check out the embedded video. These kids were being funny (and gross). They published the video online. The neighbors descended on their Dominos. They got fired. Could be your office next. The only path is by trusting your team. You can’t clamp down hard enough to stop this sort of thing.
  • The Problem with URL Shorteners: Server Errors
    There will be a good bit of controversy about URL shorteners for the foreseeable future. This is a typical rant.

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