Thought For The Day: “Execution is the only strategy customers or competitors ever see.” Peter Drucker.. Suggested by Dave Opton

  • Roses In The Thornbush (pdf)
    An oldie but goodie. 10 pages of practical insight about the ways in which marketing can help recruiting and vice versa. Still relevant.
  • Bill Vick Interviews The Recruiting Animal
    Yesterday, it was the watercooler talk for the recruiterati. Our neighborhood version of the Susan Boyle thing. Except, the Animal does operatic rants and it’s not nearly as inspirational. GL Hoffman has a good piece on the later.
  • ResumePal
    This JobFox initiative proposes a single standard for all resumes. Not going to happen. Resumes are marketing documents that should be tailored to each opportunity. HRXML eventually failed and there were fewer cats to herd. The idea gets trotted out every several years when filtration becomes an issue (in downturns, always). What do you think?
  • How Hot Is My Resume?
    From Eggsprout who hope to be the job board supplier for Ning Networks. Eggsprout, good. Hotness, stupid.
  • The Realtime Genie
    Like the last mile in cable installations, realtime is a softweare development frontier that just might change things. At least scan this one.

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