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Thought For The Day: “In response to economic threats, staff reorganizations, cuts and new hires are usually based on past performance rather than on an understanding of which people will guide the company to success in difficult times.” – Eileen Clegg

  • How Extremeophiles Thrive in Impossible Conditions: Lessons for Business from Nature’s Super-Survivors
    Extremophiles are simple organisms that live in the harshest parts of our planet (in the tides, near volcanic thermal vents, close to acidic environments, in sub-zero waters near the poles). Their biological processes provide clues to the kinds of behavior organizations need in extremely unusual and difficult times. Eileen Clegg, who is a visual interpreter and organizational consultant explores the mechanisms extremophiles use to thrive under inhospitable conditions. She asks, “Who are the people who thrive on fear, blossom in a triage environment, hibernate till things get better or are able to neutralize the fear in the environment?” These are the people who are most needed by today’s organizations.
  • Managing In Turbulent Times
    Peter Drucker’s classic work was published in 1985, 24 years ago. It’s surprising how little has changed. The articles that compose the book were written in and around the economic transformation of the early 1980s – hyperinflation, soaring debt –  stagnant housing market. It’s a good read if you want to learn how business extremophiles think and operate. The link points to the publisjer’s edition of the book. You can browse about 10% of the book’s content.
  • Will The Corporation Survive
    From 2001, Drucker in the Economist. The assumptions  that corporations were built on have been turned inside out. While there remains a need for the corp as shepherd of resources, what it actually does has already changed so as not to be recognizable by people from the mid 20th Century.
  • The Ducker Institute
    A consolidated treasure trove of resources for navigating today’s treacherous environment.
  • Jamais vu
    Deja vu’s opposite (sort of ). The feeling that everything is new, never seen before. The feeling that the meaning has been lost from things you should know.

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