Thought For The Day: “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Thomas Edison

  • Great Expectations: Sustaining Participation in Social Media Spaces
    Most of the conversation about community and what makes it work is overly simplistic. This article, written by a museum curator for other museum curators, tries to dig out the truth about participation and user experience. One of the interesting things about museums is that they have the same problem as newspapers without the same self concept. It’s a good and informative read. Generations, demographics gives a short summary of the discussion.
  • Failure Links
    Failure is vastly under-rated. The fair haired children and ivy league managers want to run and hide from it. But, failure is the essence of life. Great athletes are the ones who only fail 70% of the time. Great sales people are the ones who only fail 85% of the time. Failing is how you get to success. It’s the people who refuse to fail who are really dangerous. Here are several links that examine and celebrate failure. 

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