Thought for the Day: “Twitter produces ambient intimacy.” @Leisa

  • Programming Contests, Community, and Business
    Master Burnett pointed out the TopCoder Open as an example of markets in which people compete (as an alternative to Recruiting). He  professional imagines that competitive frameworks will outstrip more rigid assessment processes as a way of producing top performers. It’s a really interesting idea. “Compete for the job of your dreams.” Running them is a good alternative business for the Recruiters who will be dislocated.
  • Bing and Google Agree: Slow Pages Lose Users
    As in “Get the fundamentals right before you get fancy with social media.”
  • My 140conf Talk: Twitter as Publishing
    Tim OReilly explains how all of the facets of his publishing business are interconnected (from Books to workshops to webinars to conferences to Twitter) Nice model.
  • Twitter is Not a Conversational Platform
    “So while an individual user may use Twitter primarily as a conversational tool or a broadcast medium, in its totality,  professional Twitter operates a lot like a wiki: as a knowledge-sharing, co-creation platform that produces content and allows its consumption. Conversation is perhaps the most simple and obvious form of collaboration, but would anyone claim that Wikipedia is a conversational platform? Despite the presence of information sharing, co-creation of an end product, and even discussion pages, Wikipedians on the whole aren’t having conversations.”
  • The Economic Crisis and the US Online Job Market
    Are you following all of the amazing new stats on the job market. Here’s an interesting supplement to the great stuff coming out of Wanted.

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