Thought for the Day: Understanding your world offer requires constant curiosity.

  • The Linguistics of ReTweets
    Dan Zarella is a tweet statistics machine. In this piece, he disects the content of a warehouse full of 140 character messages. The idea is to look for clues about the way people spread ideas. Zarella exemplifies the kind of curiosity needed to make measurement and montioring really effective.
  • How To Say ‘No’ In 60 Seconds
    Sometimes, the inbound volume of little requests grows into a pile. Saying ‘no’ is the simplest way to clear up the list. Some useful tips. (Great salespeople understand that ‘No’ is the most important answer you can give or get.)
  • Marketing Doesn’t Have A Seat At The Table Either
    “the CMO is not as involved as they could be. Within a corporation, you are either part of the core decision-making process or you’re submitting your budget to be approved. If you’re not listed as one of the top executives, chances are you’re submitting your budget.”
  • Calling bullshit on social media
    Nice start on a counter argument.
  • History of Social Media In A Blink
    As some have noted, it misses the AOL, Compuserve and WeLL Communities. The roots of social communications tools (many to many) are over 40 years old and can be traced back to PLATO

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