090709 Free Links

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090709 Free Links

Thought for the Day: Authenticity is a problem in organizational communications,not so much in interpersonal stuff. The audience determines  who is or isn’t authentic. That’s the bad news about working with an audience.

  • href=”http://www.scribd.com/doc/17135767/FREE-full-book-by-Chris-Anderson”>Free
    There’s a new book called “Free”. Just as you’d bet, the whole thing is free and online. Chris Anderson, Wired’s current (and really smart) editor plans on being the next business bestseller by giving the book away. It’s congruent (Practicing what you preach) with his core argument. Free is the new price.
  • Priced to Sell
    Malcom Gladwell deconstructs Chris Anderson in the pages of the New Yorker.A clever person would notice that both of these wrestlers work for the same company with the same sagging ad sales and circulation problems. The newest thing in business guru stuff? Jello wrestling.
  • Malcom is Wrong
    Seth Godin weighs in on the argument. Hates calling Malcom an idiot.
  • Hey, Online Display Ads Don’t Suck After All
    File this under “Don’t believe everything you read last week” or “If the wisdom has become conventional, it’s probably wrong.”
  • Shut up! Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them.
    “Four different tests of 63 people found that those who kept their intentions private were more likely to achieve them than those who made them public and were acknowledged by others.”

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