Thought for the Day: Treating people like resources. Novel concept. It would mean not using them when you don’t need them. Like Santa Claus in January

  • United Breaks Guitars
    Here’s what employees mean to your company. When this guy sings his song about your company, it’s not liable to be about your computers or other machines. People are the company. Bad performance drives profits away.
  • Employee Satisfaction Does Not Cause Customer Satisfaction
    Good to know. Whether or not you satisfy your employees is unrelated to whether they satisfy your customers. Maybe someone will notice this flaw in the idea of performance management.
  • New HR Career Path Survey
    Bersin and Associates publish the first of a series of annual reports on the state of the ‘profession’ and its career paths. Data and conclusions about Recruiting are a little skimpy. Berdin will clearly fix this for next year. It’s worth a read. This is the path to the real professionalization of the profession.
  • 10 Rules That Govern Groups
    Here’s what groups do. Don’t be surprised when you see them do it. Learn To leverage the natural state of affairs. Expect the predictable.
  • Retweets Change Everything
    Dan Zarella is measuring the hell out of everything Twitter. He’s sure that the key to evolution is the Retweet

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