Thought for the Day: A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him – David Brinkley

  • LinkedIn For Knowledge Workers
    Tony Karrer continues to impress. This post contains a cornucopia of resources for use and tactics on LinkedIn. In a former life, Karrer and his company were the technical infrastructure for eHarmony. When he talks about “learning and development”, it’s worth a listen.
  • LinkedIn Search: What it could be and should be
    Glen Cathey is the Boolean BlackBelt. In this piece, he does the sort of product development that only recruiters can do. Because Glen knows about Lucene, the search engine software behind LinkedIn search (as a recruiter of course), he can make key suggestions about functionality. Buried in the piece is a gem: “I also caught William Uranga Tweeting from a LinkedIn customer advisory session last week, so I DM’d him and let him know I had a list of search recommendations and he kindly let me send them to him via email so he could share them during the session at LinkedIn. William wrote a post about his customer advisory session experience at LinkedIn – you can read it here.” There is an amazing community of Recruiters who are helping to bootstrap the next generation of technology.
  • BLS Reports Jobless Rates of at least 15% in 15 Metros
    The recession is very regional. While the impact bubbles across metropolitan areas, ground zero is a town, not a country. The whole thing is better understood from the grassroots up.
  • The Generation Techno Divide
    The survey found that six in 10 (60 percent) business executives believe they have a right to know how employees portray themselves  and their organizations in online social networks.And it found that workers disagree — with 53 percent saying their social-networking pages are not an employer’s concern. This mind-set is especially prevalent among younger workers, with nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of 18 to 34 year olds stating employers have no business monitoring their online activity. via Jim Hollincheck
  • How Facebook Poaches From Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn
    Some companies and regions believe in development. Some believe in acquisition. Which camp do you think Silicon Valley falls into?

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