Thought for the Day: We’re entering a time where company values is becoming a meaningful issue. The container of culture is best enforced through shared discussion and conversation. The internal company social community is the best mechanism for disseminating culture. Leaders should have public discussions on the meaning of company values.

  • Netflix Culture
    The folks at Netflix are trying to maintain a very high performance culture as they grow. Take a look at this slide deck which is the most readable and compelling powerpoint set I’ve seen in a long time. Pay your people at the top of the scale; reevaluate every player every year….keep or not; no bonuses, no merit plan. New employees are haded this deck!
  • Top influencers v1.17: China Gorman
    SHRM’s COO is both the leader of and symbol for culture change. As a seasoned business leader with real P&L responsibility, she represents a major step towards SHRM’s future.
  • Toronto Coffee and Code
    Joey Devilla is masterminding a Recruiting Revolution (I don’t think he even knows this). The project involves organizing and training Canadian developers for Microsoft products. There is all sorts of outreach as DeVilla builds a supply line of developers and potential developers. Coffee and Code, get togethers for homw workers, are a masterpiece idea. Imagine organizing the local home based employees in your niche for time that is social and work related.
  • How to call bullshit on a guru
    Scott Berkun is an amazing thinker about building cultures of innovation. In this piece, he helps pull the feathers off the typical guru. The ones that hate this piece are the target. There are a few “gurus” who hope you’ll try to debunk them. They’re the real keepers. Think of this as a guide to knowing which blogs to read.
  • A Theory of Identity
    This is a central question in the establish ment of online communities that stick.
    A person’s “identity” is something less than all his or her details but more than a few simple stats. What is it exactly, why do people need to discover it, want to stay true to it, why could only their “heart” tell them what it is, and why would a 35 year old still be searching for it, even after they’ve  taken every personality test ever devised? Why do ads mostly tell us what identities we could project via their product, and how could a new job or lover help us find our identity? I’ve

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