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On October 11, 2009, in Daily News, John Sumser, JohnSumser.com, by John Sumser

Do you remember Dave Lefkow? He was a working member of the recruiting community having tackled TMP and Jobster. Several years ago, he was the brightest candle in the box.

He’s had amazing luck in the years since he left our world. Baconaise, his bacon-flovered sandwich spread, has been on the Daily Show. The improbable company (here’s the blog), is successfully growing in the least friendly economic climate in a century.

About a month ago, through the most amazing good fortune imaginable, Dave’s 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with lukemia. Caught early on, the condition is treatable. They accidentally discovered her lukemia almost at its inception.

Treatment takes a while. The expenses are mostly covered by insurance. But, Dave has a fistful of great domains that he’s selling as a kind of initial fundraising bake-sale.

Here are the details from his blog, Director of Recruiting.

It’s been a long time since I posted in the recruit-o-sphere. As many of you know, I left the industry in pursuit of bacon-flavored greatness about 2 years ago, not knowing whether this was a side road or permanent path. Turns out that the bacon business is in fact resistant to swine flu, so I’m still here turning out Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, and even Bacon Lip Balm – all of which has landed us on Oprah, ABC News, The Today Show, Good Morning America and several others.

While spending 12 years in the recruiting industry, I acquired some valuable online real estate and sold my old home for cash. My thought was that one day when I made my triumphant return – either by necessity or by choice – I would have these domains at the ready for whatever I chose to pursue. But sometimes life takes you in a different direction.

3 weeks ago, my 4 year old daughter Ashley was a normal, healthy kid. Then our whole world changed, and quickly. While getting an MRI for an unrelated, very minor condition, they found some unusual spots on her spine. One bone marrow test later and she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The last couple of weeks have been an immersive education on chemotherapy, white blood cell counts, hematocrit, platelets and then some. In total, her treatment will last for the next 2-3 years – and maybe more, depending on how she responds to everything. Ashley’s doing fine through it all, but something like this definitely changes your priorities in a hurry.

Around the same time this was all happening, I got a couple of inquiries about domains I owned in the HR space. Which got me thinking about how to take care of Ashley over the next couple of years of treatment and what I could do to make sure her life is as full of joy and fun as humanly possible. So I decided to sell the domains I still have in the HR and recruiting space. As much as I’m sure they could one day be useful and more valuable, the quick math on this is that Ashley is way more important than any potential future value for me.

Why are these domains potentially valuable? I see the potential to use them in a few different ways:

1. As a platform for an up and coming or established vendor in the recruiting or HR space (consulting, technology, etc.) to establish a thought leadership position around key issues or targeted audiences. This website, for example – directorofrecruiting.com – maintained the #1 slot on Google for the keywords director of recruiting (which catches directors of recruiting when they search for information or jobs), and is still #4 despite the fact that I haven’t posted here for 2+ years.
2. To build a large community or network of senior-level HR and recruiting professionals.
3. As a publishing platform for opinions, research or articles that are of importance to senior level decision makers – exactly the types of people that advertisers will want to target.
4. As a recruiting vehicle for HRO’s, RPO’s or a high volume employer of HR and recruiting professionals.
5. As a technology play or name for a product.
6. A charitable initiative.

The list includes:

  • recruitingcrm.com (sold)
  • vpofhr.com
  • vpofhrblog.com
  • vpofhrjobs.com
  • directorofrecruiting.com
  • directorofrecruitingblog.com
  • directorofrecruitingjobs.com
  • directorofstaffing.com
  • recruitingbuyersguide.com
  • talentsparkcreative.com (sold)
  • talentsparkconsulting.com (sold)
  • applicanttrackingguide.com
  • atsbuyersguide.com
  • continuousrecruiting.com
  • internalmobility.com
  • recruitingcrmguide.com
  • sourcingcrm.com
  • applicantupdate.com
  • resumeupdater.com
  • nichenetworksearch.com
  • nichenetworkguide.com

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me at dave@talentsparkconsulting.com. Thanks for reading!

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