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This weekend in Portland is the first gathering of #TalentCamp. With marketing that’s reminiscent of the startup of Sourcecon (recently purchased by ERE), #TalentCamp is shrouded in mystery. The participants, all fully fledged  members of the Recruiterati, aspire to great heights.

The core participants Brian DeGroodt, Franny Oxford, Jeff Hunter, Joe Gerstandt, Lance Haun Mike Johnson, Ron McManmon, Shauna Moerke, Steve Fogarty, Suzy Tonini and Susan Burns are some of the brightest minds in the HR-Recruiting space today.

Here’s how #TalentCamp organizer Susan Burns describes it:

About a year ago I began kicking around the idea of #TalentCamp – bringing together an intimate group of keen minds with a unique orientation and passion for Talent, business and the HR discipline. All things happen for a reason and in this case I’m particularly pleased that circumstances resulted in #TalentCamp being a 2009 venture because there are a few people involved that I didn’t know last year.

On October 18th, 12 incredible people will come together for 3 1/2 days to explore the BIG “what if”. Collectively we have more years, depth and breadth of business and HR experience than I can begin to measure. We also share a strong passion for what could exist at the intersection of talent and business to serve both interests and advance organizational capability and effectiveness. We’ll be gathering in a 4500 square foot beach house on the Oregon Coast to immerse in a dialogue around our big “what if” question, that will no doubt experience the ebb and flow of progress, frustration, curiosity, pain, breakthroughs and clarity as we craft our talent function vision.

Listen to some of the things they’re thinking about:

Engagement is just the latest problem that shows the basic quandary with the modern HR organization: policies don’t prevent risk, reviews don’t increase performance, compensation doesn’t motivate, programs can’t convince people to give their soul to the organization, classes don’t instill creativity and agility doesn’t come from management fiat. Everything assumption that HR uses as its operational foundation is being swept away in the current of momentous change. The function’s inability to turn around a bad engagement situation is a symptom of that problem, not the cause. (Jeff Hunter, Talentism)

More risk exists in standing still than in moving forward. We are the future and its (sic) time to craft the vision at the intersection of Talent, HR and Business. Talent Camp! (Susan Burns, Talent Synchronicity)

There are large disconnects between strategists and tacticians within the recruitment industry. We lack clear, definable understanding between the differences of organization building and talent acquisition. We battle points of view on whether it’s better to pick up the phone and cold call or brand. We argue about the best sources of our hires. We tend to avoid questions on how to shape the future generations of recruitment professionals and the political and corporate institutions we operate in. If we avoid these discussions we do the whole industry a disservice. (Steve Fogarty, Recruiting Revolution)

There’s a change coming. Social media shows us the cracks in the 20th Century institutions that have shaped HR and Recruiting  #TalentCamp is a portent.

Small, nichey, intimate get togethers are likely to be the source of amazing growth in the industry. While networking is great, deep networking with a specific agenda is the way things get done.

Here’s wishing the participants best of luck. You can follow the proceedings by watching #TalentCamp. The event has enormous promise.

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