091104 Five Must Reads

  • Using Technology To Improve Workforce Collaboration
    As the workforce changes, there are real questions about how you specify roles and performance when results come from teams. There are wide variations in the productivity of knowledge workers. Here are some points of departure for thinking about the coming world of work.
  • What’s the Value of Your Job?
    Hank Stringer offers some interesting advice. Ask the CFO what the value of the job is. Understanding exactly how the slot contributes to the company bottom line is the key to credibility. Asking the question wins you points.
  • 3.5% Growth in Context
    If the economy grew at 3.5% for the next 8 years, unemployment would be under 7%.
    And, that’s only if there isn’t another trough in the interim.
  • Brain Drain Report: The Null Hypothesis
    The article is a gateway to a number of interesting pieces on the out-migration problems in east coast cities. Notably, Philadelphia seems to have solved the brain dran problem. As Demographic growth slows, regional talent retention is becoming a competitive issue. There is every reason to believe that the coming economic recovery is going to be drivemn by regional demographics.
  • Steve Boese’s HR Tech
    One of the great success stories in the emergence of social sftware is Steve Boese’s rise to influence. Rooted in his work as a graduate instructor in HR Technology, Boese infects the HR-ati with his sense of humor and willingness to experiment.

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