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Tweetajob is a signal about our future. The simple, intuitive job-tweeting solution does a very few things very well. It’s not feature laden. It’s not all thing to all people.

It posts jobs to twitter. It collects a little data. It can generate Google listings and SEO. If you want, you can brand it. It will send tweeted jobs by text message. It segments jobs for delivery to candidates.

This is the new world of the Minimum Viable Product.

It started with Google. When the digital giant first emerged, one wondered how it would ever survive. At the time, the vogue was cramming functionality into portals. The older, more sophisticated search engines were becoming destinations. Google was shocking in its simplicity. It just did search.

Everything else came after doing search very, very well.

Twitter took a similar model and lowered the ante. They just aimed to do one thing very well: communicate 140 character messages. As a direct result of this simplicity, they created a powerful new communications medium.

Getting a simple thing right allows a diverse ecosystem to grow up around you. Witness Twitter or the iPhone.

In a bygone era, one built a product with many, many features. Each one was articulated and developed. A Revision 1.0 product was always suspect as a test ground.

Now, the MVP strategy is solidly taking root in our world. This is the way that Jason’s labs at RBC work. This is the new world of simple functionality as a foundation.

Carmen Hudson, formerly a senior manager at Yahoo Staffing, and her crack team have delivered a product that is just finished enough to add real value.

By sticking to its knitting, Tweetajob is shepherding in a new era of HR application. Yes, there will be suites and single record systems. Yes, there is a need for complex social media integration for sourcing and screening. Yes, there is a need for multifunctional complexity.

Bit, where the rubber meets the road, one candidate at a time, the model is going to be simple functionality excellently executed. Tweetajob is the first example.

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