091118 Five Must Reads

  • Wanted Engineering Supply-Demand Hot Spots
    The data is a little stiff (no one really works some where called the San Francisco – Oakland – Fremont Metropolitan Statistical Area but tons of people commute to the individual cities). But, the idea is in the right place and this is a move forward. Wanted Technologies Supply-Demand profiles are a good first step towards really understanding the labor market.
  • Quarantined Conferences: Claustrophobic Technophiles or Attentive Audiences?
    The inevitable blowback has begun. Conferences that disallow interaction and social media. Next to return? Straight Jackets, Thorazine and Loony Bins. Who’s behind the movement? The very people who brought you Web 2.0 in the first place. Talk about planned obsolescence.
  • Pixar on Successful Creative Teams
    Talent alone is never enough. Figuring out how to get people to work together is equally important. That involves learning to negate things that organizations do naturally. You have to upset the natural tendency for classes to form and for expertise to cncentrate at the expense of agility.
  • Universe.jobs
    This is a pretty interesting idea whereby Direct Employers takes a badly executed vision (the dot jobs domain name) and resuscitates it. Adoption of a new convention is always an expensive proposition. It will be interesting to see if the folks in Indianapolis can pull this off. Nice ROI if they do. The other people who have made things like this work used advertising dollars (superbowl ads) to create the traffic and brand awareness.
  • Cloud Computing In Plain English
    Commoncraft is the source of those great videos that explain things simply. This one gives you the fundamentals of cloud computing in a way your Mom could understand it. Simple communication is hard to do. These folks make it look easy.

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091118 Five Must Reads

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